sally oh for



Columbia University

Issue 57


Issue 57’s theme of transformation inspires us to look outward, and to think critically of the world we live in. In light of this trajectory, Oh’s work calls us to first look inward. It reminds us that the world we inherited is both rich in treasure and teeming with trauma.

Tethered to her ancestors, she wonders what it might feel like to cut the cord and roam the fourth dimension, free. She asks, do you envision your creator looking upon your face with scorn or adoration? Of the multiple selves that dwell within your psyche, body, race, gender, and sexuality, which do you choose to reveal or conceal?

Miso, Mama, and Me and She speak to self-exploration, love and loss, and liberation. Oh believes we must look inward and strive for truth, each day, before aiming to pierce through the glass molasses that barricades the hearts of our beloveds. While unpacking the past, Oh looks forward to breathing in the crisp air of a united, unconditional future.


Special thanks to friend, Grace Ann Leadbeater