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a memory that never dies with time but pulses forever, foreign and fresh

my eyes traveled from the stars to the crescent moon on his wrinkled face, from his brown speckles to his butt chin

\ you write about sex, i write about god

\ you sing of head, i mourn the dead

the devil was once an angel and is twice The Angel, Fallen

Metamorphosis, must it strike the pure?

she pried you open with a single question and out you spilled, saved, ‘fore mask killed

why? Why? why y? Y? y ?

fascination with objects v humans was the v that separated you n me

\/ \/ |\/

The Human Condition

on the mind, in the brain

much to do, much i think

\ Listen close as she sings her song

\ Far much to come in her upcoming single: A Down Release

up far and impersonal

/ / /

/ a toad sat in my stew as i steadily lifted the heat higher hotter faster stronger

/ the toad was my mother and she was so bothered so i told toad mother

/ there sits a faceless prince/ss at the end of this dinner and s/he’s a real charmer

/ / /

she thinks i’m guilty of this crime, i know i’m guilty and sublime

/ / /

i fell in love with the me you showed me three steps before you fell behind

catch my kiss as i wave goodbye

how many lovers have you loved?

passion sought fervor, and honesty made her yawn

these jaws that shred flesh and the limbs that shed bullets are my lovers

smell me forever, coco in your nose (not that kind) forever

inhale four, hold seven, exhale eight



take time to make time

breathe, baby, you’re golden

fame or respect? choose one

companionship or independence? choose one


when the city of angels fell i climbed up and i flew down


the story of The Chosen

A sip of crisp air and 1 gulp of mango

Memory is kind generous and cruel

They come in pairs but were written alone

I smiled and I lied, I cracked and I cried

Thoop th thoo thoop

Pleasure pleasure what’s Your Pleasure

Inject the story with sound

Every post, exposed

Married to aesthetic, loyal to revolution

The unspoken ever-loud flattery of imitation

There is Only One Original and Two of Nothing

One Two(3) Three(5)

Blinded by the need to be seen

sight or sound? choose one

The specific sweetness of spicy tuna

The sun set at five but the night shone bright


I: the one that got away U: the one that i escaped

what would you do with the promise that no one, now or thereafter, would ever know?

Strawberry-flavored time

Camaraderie in otherness, comfort in solitude

o yeh oY eh O YEH

Mind over flesh Salmon over pork Skorts over skirts Polish over matte

Moi * ~



barthe's argument flirts heavy

all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if u seek amy

there was something in everything about you

talking loud saying nothing

blithely unaware

you’re never gonna change me, i was already changing