Commissioned to create artwork portraying personally inspiring Asian Femmes for the

NEW MUSEUM weekend takeover:          SCAMMING THE PATRIARCHY: A YOUTH SUMMIT         

I made three pieces in various mediums featuring three generations of

    Korean Women in my life


select pieces also exhibited and auctioned at Christie's




Charcoal and Mixed Media on Paper 18” X 24”



Acrylic and Velvet on Canvas 24” X 18”



Ballpoint Pen, Acrylic, and Sriracha on Paper 7.5” X 9”

Cupid & Psyche, 2008, Patti Smith

The Single Orange was the Only Light, 1912, Egon Schiele




As part of the Education Department’s R&D Season: DEMOCRACY, the New Museum will host a youth summit and celebration organized by an emerging generation of artists, writers, and activists, including BUFU, Brujas, Discwoman, and members of House of LaDosha. The summit will include numerous workshops organized around five guiding principles: healing, self-love, skill building, political education, and empowerment. The programming will look to the future of gender politics, focusing on methods for forging the worlds youth want to inhabit, while grounding this work in legacies of the past. Programming will center on confronting inequality and injustice, supporting spiritual and economic sustainability.