created during SOH CHO

> soh cho      2016 - 2017



> soh cho 1               oil pastel and wine on tracing paper               december13


> soh cho 2               pen and oil pastel on book excerpts               january26


> soh cho 4               copic markers and colored pencils (ice blue)(pale pink) on paper (toned gray)               march29


> soh cho 5                oil pastel (aquamarine)(citrus)(black) + acrylic dots (tangerine) + copic markers + paperclips on transparent paper               april27


> soh cho 6           oil pastel (forest green)(lime)(white) + pen (black) on paper (toned tan)            may25

wake up alone


> soh cho 9                color pencil (bubble gum) + copic markers on paper (pink)               august27

thank you