the story of The Chosen

performed monday evening, december 17, 2018

at bluestockings, new york city click + click


lick me, endlessly


The Cum Up

the worst he did was misunderstand me

the damage you inflicted was understand and mishandle me

massaged with sweet words to derail me

cloud and coddle me

share the same flesh we

my body aches, why?

how old am i?

who? ah, yes, i!

twenty-nearly-seven with

twenty-nearly-seven pounds of rice atop me

seven-hundred eighty-three thousand grains of rice, pressing down upon me

a one-nearly-million giant load atop me

fetch me a paper towel, ick! it sticks up on me!

body buried, shall i eat my way out

to the top? climb on top? oh-k!

let me rise, let me cum, up!

come up

to the heights of your fantasy

tits ass ass ass, she 

ass tittie tits titties, seek

plenty, i am, me

female born you yellow look

female i claim yellow wi am

masculine your gaze soft my body you assess

ah, unfiltered jargon, i digress

lift your fucking gaze off me

is what i mean to express



teach me how to dance through air like you do, baby

you float across the breeze of my memory that sticks thick like molasses, baby

all my strength exerted is shown in slow-mo, baby

you smile as you twirl and i admire you, baby

keep doing you but take me with you, baby

leave me but stay close to me, baby

leave forever stay near never forever, baby

keep you high talk you down is what i do, baby

mama’s hand keeps me low in slo-mo-lasses, baby

can’t you see your fresh waters are my shark-filled oceans, baby?

queries reside as bricks in my chest, baby

these stones evaporate and spread like poison, baby

they infiltrate me and reach you as resentment, baby

so listen less and feel me, yes, baby

yesterday not today tomorrow but maybe one day, i’m yours, baby

God’s Water

mama squeezes her sponge, excalibur

real pure, drip drop

it’s raining

floodgates opened, now, it’s pouring

scoop me up, mama, i’m drowning!

close your eyes crack your jaw, child, it’s snowing!

snowflakes, come!

melt on her tongue and drip down her throat

down slow,

real cold, drip drop

catch ‘em all, mama tells me

no questions! blind faith! he tells me

take communion! repent! she tells me

it’s dry here where the sun warms my face, mama

where, you say, mama?

here where it’s bright, mama!

look, i’m dancing, mama!

see, i’m laughing, mama

i’m happy, mama

smile, mama


Fourth Time’s a Charm

Let me tell you a secret

1 I was like you once

2 then I took two steps away

3 and found myself three miles far

4 “Found myself” haha! floating in the fourth dimension

3 I traveled through Trinity’s aurora and pushed through her womb Slime

Fresh Air Here Now

2 Two lives I’ve lived

1 Once I resurrected 


igloo in the clouds

An ice cube held sacred in the library that surrounds me

I keep you frozen in my rememory here in the fourth dimension

But it’s time to fly

Departed I’m

grounded now peaceful on the cloudtops

Catch me as I’d catch you should I fall 

Til then   find fire

in flickering lights

amidst sweltering nights

with love,

newly, mine