some things

that mean things



there will be tears, i’ve no doubt. there may be smiles, but a few. and when the tears have run out, i will be numb and blue. i can’t be there with you, but i can dream. /my granddaddy was a player /see i met him later on, think it was 1991. the only dad i’d ever know, but pretty soon he’d be gone too. hide my face, can’t let ‘em see me crying. cuz these boys ain’t had no fathers neither, and they weren’t crying. my friend said it wasn't so bad, you can't miss what you ain't had. well, i can. i'm sad, and there will be tears, i've no doubt. there may be smiles, but a few. and when those tears have run out, you will be numb and blue. /‘i can't be there,’ that's all you had to say to me. you couldn’t be there. why couldn’t you say it to me? you won’t be there. you could want me. you wouldn’t be here for me

when i was younger i used to wonder

when it comes to being true

nursery stories out of rhyme. chasing faces lost in time. /losing count of hours to keep. singing songs from yesterday. it's got to feel so good to get away. lonely hearts club left behind. there's no shame in pain, there's only time rider. /broken watches keep the time. chasing heartbeats just like mine. every streetlight deep in glow. blinking blue, green and yellow. singing songs of yesterday. it's got to feel so good to get away. /broken engines, burning gas, every moment from my past. making time for being late. buried neatly under gates. singing songs of things to come. t's got to feel so good to come undone


things i almost remember /figures dancing gracefully, across my memory

i would die inside if you ever stopped the dreaming /if there’s a god, i wonder what she looks like /i bet she looks like you

i feel it happening, i guarantee, with every inch of me. tonight i'll sleep with demons in my hair that talk to me. it’s only just a dream /the whispers in the trees are getting near

you are not destined to become the women who came before you, you are not destined to live their lives. so if you inherit something, inherit their strength. if you inherit something, inherit their resilience. because the only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.

adolescence is a marketing tool. /who needs a crowd? who put such a high premium on being typical? you’re unique. take those extra years and do what you want. go to europe for a year. take a look around! see what you like! follow your dream.

on the days we were together, time would glide. /it was malignant. it was hopeless. there was no negotiating with the feeling. no choice. it was my first love, it changed my life. /imagine being thrown from a plane. i wasn’t in a plane though. i was in a nissan xterra. /i wept as the words left my mouth. i grieved for them, knowing i could never take them back for myself. /thank (you) from the floor of my heart. /great humans, probably angels. i don’t know what happens now, and that’s alrite. i don’t have any secrets i need kept anymore. /i won’t forget you. i won’t forget the summer. i’ll remember who i was when i met you. i’ll remember who you were and how we’ve both changed and stayed the same. /i know i’m only brave because you were first.. so thank you. all of you. for everything good. i feel like a free (wo)man. if i listen closely.. i can hear the sky falling too.

we’re gonna see the future first. living so the last night feels like a past life. / his girl keep the scales, a little mermaid. /i may be younger, but i'll look after you. we're not in love, but I'll make love to you. when you're not here, i'll save some for you. i'm not him, but i'll mean something to you. you got a roommate, he’ll hear what we do. it’s only awkward if you’re fuckin’ him too

if i were you, i would take the love i'm giving to you /i know what you're dreaming when you sleep. you have secrets i will always keep. and in every morning when we arise, well i see my reflection in your eyes /i believe that love is a living thing born into our destinies from a single moment of inspiration. and as it grows, it changes your life forever /if i were you, i’d trust in me like i trust in you

you cut your hair but you used to live a blonded life /wish i was there, wish we’d grown up on the same advice, and our time was right /now and then you miss it, sounds make you cry. some nights you dance with tears in your eyes. i came to visit, cuz you see me like a ufo /you made me lose my self control /keep a place for me

i think that i'm good just because i behave, but i've reached stalemate, i'm a self made cage. they poked me with a stick because they wanted to see if i was alive or just pretending to be. but my bones are in my body, not in my grave.
turns out, i am free & i pretend to be a slave. /yes the window still opens if the door is closed. afraid to die free. afraid to die alone. /like diamonds form from pieces of coal, use your pressure. this is your magic tool.
this is the way to form a precious jewel.

let's take off our masks & be so naturelle
let's behold ourselves & break this evil spell

not afraid to die free & not afraid to die alone


found lines



talking loud saying nothing

blithely unaware

you’re never gonna change me, i was already changing

they've been spending most their lives living in a pastime paradise
they've been wasting most of their time glorifying days long gone behind
they've been wasting most their days in remembrance of ignorance oldest praise

they've been spending most their lives living in a future paradise
they've been looking in their minds for the day that sorrow's lost from time
they keep telling of the day when the savior of love will come to stay

at night I'm driving in your car, pretending that we'll leave this town
we're watching all the street lights fade and now you're just a stranger's dream
i took your picture from the frame and now you're nothing like you seem
your shadow fell like last night's rain

room for play

soft applause

something decisive has happened in history